OFFER 1001 - The Path of A Prophet & 3-Pack CD Set: My Visit to Heaven -- by John Mark Pool

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Learn how God likes to show His children about their own personal destinies.

Prophet John Mark Pool will tell you himself what “Walking out the path of a prophet…” is like.

Learn and understand what kinds of assignments God may give to you in your journey!

In John Mark’s book: The Path of a Prophet, he shares from his own challenging journey of walking out his prophetic calling, even being caught up to Heaven, and learning more about his life on earth right now!

In John Mark’s CDs and book you will:

  • Find out what God revealed to John Mark in Heaven and who he saw while he was there
  • Read amazing stories about how God taught John Mark about his own personal prophetic gifting
  • Learn how God likes to show His children about their own personal stories


Steve Shultz

"I have known John Mark Pool for many years and have found him to be highly accurate in his prophetic words and message teachings. In this exclusive package made available only through ElijahStreams, John Mark reveals his most profound encounter of visiting Heaven and teaches you to walk in the prophetic. In his heavenly encounter John Mark died, went to Heaven, and reveals all that he saw and heard there, including given a new commission from God to be a prophetic voice to the nations. You will also receive powerful teachings to grow in your prophetic gifting and hear God's voice for others around you, and you'll hear powerful words spoken from John Mark for our nation, awakening, and abundance coming your way! I know you will enjoy this set from John Mark that will help you grow in the supernatural and in the prophetic as you gain vital insight into God's heavenly ways!"
—Steve Shultz, Founder, Elijah List Ministries


  1. Dirt Road to Heaven
  2. The Journey
  3. A Time to Die
  4. Devastation
  5. Correction Course
  6. Banishment
  7. Unconditional Love Means Unconditional Forgiveness
  8. New Beginnings: A True Love Story from Heaven

About the Author

John Mark Pool

John Mark Pool, co-founder of Word to the World Ministries, has been used by God to minister as a prophetic voice to the nations. Based out of Mississippi, he is called to take the Apostolic/Prophetic fivefold ministry message to pastors and church leaders across the USA and around the world. He has become a prophetic voice to speak into pastors and leaders lives throughout America in preparation for our next revival outpouring. He and his wife, Sandy are both ordained as a prophet and ministers with Encounters Network Ministries by James Goll, director of Encounters Network Ministries.

John Pool has served as local pastor, resident foreign missionary and most recently as itinerant prophetic evangelist with doors of favor opening into corporate and governmental offices. He has ministered to many market place executives, business owners, government leaders in the house, the senate and the judiciary that includes Pentagon offices and the government branches at the Capitol of the US.

He has been ministering on radio, TV, Internet Streaming Broadcast and Web Publishing Sites as well as local churches, conferences and crusade revival outpourings. He has been featured on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural TV program, God Channel TV program with Steve Shultz of Elijah List and most recently on The Miracle Channel’s The Plumbline Program with Faisal & Sabina Malick with Covenant of Life Ministries, ( His message is to prepare the leaders of the nations to come into the unity of the Body of Christ for the power of agreement in prayer. John Mark also prophesies to pastors, church and Kingdom leaders to bring a completion of the release of the real prophetic gifts into the Church that Jesus Builds.