OFFER 1042 - God, I Feel Like Cinderella! & 3-Pack CD Set: Rise Up from the Ashes & Receive Your Crown -- by Dale & LuAnne Mast

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This package includes: LuAnne Mast’s book: God, I Feel Like Cinderella! Rising Up from the Ashes, and Dale and LuAnne’s 3-CD set that will bring healing and restoration to your innermost being!

From LuAnne’s own testimony of loss and tragedy, find out how a woman full of shame and despair… now speaks to thousands — testifying of God’s goodness in her life.

Dale and LuAnne will teach you:

  • What it means to wear your crown of authority, how to fight for it…and take it back!
  • WHO your enemy is, and his strategies to derail your life and purposes.

You’ll also Receive:

  • Powerful prayers to break off abuse and trauma, and gain victory over your past.
  • Keys to “use your pain” to pursue God’s path for your life—all for His glory and your benefit.

Randy Clark says: “The stories of God's intervention and His power, the working of the gifts of the Spirit and the miraculous divine appointments are encouraging and amazing.”

In this life-altering package, let Dale and LuAnne remind you that Cinderella was DESTINED to live in a Castle and wear a crown… and so are you!


Steve Shultz

"LuAnne and Dale Mast want you to be set free! In this heart-felt interview and product package from them, they lead you through deep healing from your past, including trauma, abuse and other wounds that need to be healed. I highly encourage you to watch this episode from the Masts, get their healing messages from their offer here, as they will greatly help you walk in freedom and victory from your past."
—Steve Shultz, Founder, Elijah List Ministries


  1. Escaping Death
  • Growing Up In A Small town
  • Who Did That?
  1. More Pain and Shame
  • First the Dog, Then Me
  • Learning to Pray
  • The Blue Light Bandit
  • From Loneliness to Deception
  1. "Don't Touch That Dial"
  • No Compromise
  • Coupon Miracle
  • Miracles Exploding
  • No More Soaps
  • An Angel In My House
  • The Man on the Floor
  • A Family Upheaval
  • Awards, Trophies, and Accomplishments
  • The Flood
  • Looking Under My Bed
  • Mary in the Trash
  • "God, You Saw That?"
  • Dumping Daquries
  • It's Time to Leave
  1. Happy New Year
  • The Golf Ball On My Table
  • The Fight
  • Suitcases Packed
  • The Doorbell
  • "Go To Your Room"
  • Anger in the Divorce
  1. "God, I feel Like Cinderella!"
  • You Were Always A Good Girl
  • The Doorbell Again!
  • The Power of Forgiveness
  • It's Time to Travel
  • Rain Drops Falling On My Head
  • A Check in the Mail
  • The Eviction
  1. Under the Apple Tree
  • Apple Blossom Drive
  • The Little Girl Who Stuck Out Her Tongue
  • Candy, A Lie, and Abandonment Again
  • Laying Down A Relationship
  • "What Are You Doing In New York?"
  • March Forth
  • Where Am I Going to Live?
  • You Are Like Jacob
  • Taken to Another Place
  • Giving Diamonds
  • A Man of Excellence
  • It's Time to Leave Again
  1. Fear of the Unknown
  • "Take Care of Dale"
  • Look What I Got for Twenty Bucks!
  1. He Makes All Things New
  • Our First Kiss
  • Eight Red Roses
  • BMW
  • Texting
  • Dale's Dream
  • One Show Can Change Your Life
  • 6-7-8
  • Four Rooms, Four Months
  • 10.10.10
  • Reflection

About the Authors

Dale & LuAnne Mast

Dale and LuAnne Mast serve as Senior Pastors to Destiny Christian Church in Dover, Delaware as well as traveling nationally and internationally. Dale is also known for his teachings and accurate prophetic words to individuals, churches and nations. LuAnne overcame abuse and personal loss through divorce with supernatural faith. She operates in a breaker anointing, discerning of spirits, words of knowledge, healing and deliverance. Dale and LuAnne are ordained by Dr. Bill Hamon of Christian International and serve him on the Board of Governors, as well as working with other networks.