OFFER 1041 - Bright and Shining Revival & 3-Pack CD Set: Moving Forward into a Bright & Shining Revival -- by Kathie Walters

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This package includes:

Kathie Walters book Bright and Shining Revival plus 3-CD set—which will inspire YOU to "Pray to see Revival" as you enter into the “fun and glorious realm of God”.

In “Bright and Shining Revival” you’ll discover:

  • The “RESULTS of powerful prayers” made by a handful of saints in the Hebrides.
  • The true story of God’s work in a Scottish revival that “emptied” the theaters, dance halls and bars!
  • And how hardened and sinful men wept over their sins and experienced redemption.

Then get ready to move into the glory realm with JOY!

Kathie has a gift of sharing deep nuggets of great wisdom from the Lord WHILE making it light and fun—for all!

You’ll learn:

  • The Joy and Pay Off of being obedient to the Holy Spirit!
  • The Number One Enemy you’ve been listening to for far too long.
  • And the Dynamics of Spiritual Warfare.

Kathie Walters contends that you can regain a child-like faith again, ENJOY the Lord, and be a part of “the answer” the world needs!

Are you ready to enter the glory realm with JOY and move forward into Revival?


Steve Shultz

"Kathie Walters is known for her supernatural ministry and loves teaching others how to live a supernatural life in their everyday lives. We sure enjoyed our time with Kathie in our studio where she went into great depth of how to work with angels in your life and much more. Yes, YOU were made to live naturally supernatural, and you’re going to understand just how to work with the angels God assigned to you. I encourage you to grab hold of Kathie Walters’ products to go along with her interview, we’ve put together just for you, our Elijah Streams viewer."
—Steve Shultz, Founder, Elijah List Ministries


  1. Notes from the Welsh Revival, 1904
  2. Fire Breaking Out
  3. God Can Do It Again
  4. The Hebrides Revival, 1948-1952
  5. The First Stirring
  6. The Barn
  7. The Praying Sisters
  8. God's Choice
  9. Duncan Campbell comes to Barvas
  10. The First Meeting
  11. The Second Night
  12. The Police Station
  13. True Intercession
  14. God Visits Arnol
  15. The Prayer of Fatih
  16. The Power of Prayer - Bernera
  17. Outside the Church
  18. You Can't Get Away from God
  19. Led of the Spirit
  20. Coinneach Beag
  21. Encouragement
  22. Ness
  23. Supernatural Manifestations of God
  24. Trying to Escape from God
  25. Angels
  26. The Sisters Request
  27. The Seven Man
  28. Letter from Donald Smith
  29. Conviction
  30. Visions The Revival of 1939
  31. Mary Maclean
  32. The War
  33. Revival is Coming
  34. She Has Passed Away
  35. The Bottom of the Sea
  36. Communion
  37. Counter-Attack
  38. The Praying Men (1948-1952)
  39. The Effects of Visitation
  40. The Secrets of Visitation
  41. "If My People"
  42. Prevailing Prayer
  43. The Challenge
  44. The Power of God vs. Formalism
  45. Faith
  46. Letter from Donald John Smith
  47. Donald Smith Continues...A Short Testimony

About the Author

Kathie Walters

Kathie Walters is an international speaker who brings freedom to those who feel they have to "qualify." She also ministers in the supernatural and believes that the supernatural realm is for everyone.