OFFER 1038 - Praying With God's Heart & 3-Pack CD Set: Learn to Pray Powerful Prophetic Prayers from the Heart of God -- by James Goll

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This package includes:

James Goll’s book: Praying with God’s Heart: The Power and Purpose of Prophetic Intercession and 3-CD set— which will propel you forward in Your Prophetic Mission and help you to pray effectively WITH the heart of God.

In this revelatory offer you’ll discover:

  • There are still many Mysteries to be revealed and prophecies to be fulfilled
  • How You can be part of God’s prophetic plan—right now! James Goll also unravels the “Waves of God’s activity” happening in our nation and around the world.

You’ll learn:

  • How you can Catch that Next Wave
  • Move Onward and Upward to reach Your High Calling in Christ Jesus—
  • And how this benefits You, Your culture, and His glorious Kingdom!

We are in a time of suddenlies and God wants you to:

Align your heart with His

Pray more effectively in these turbulent times

Help usher in the fullness of His purposes on the earth.

Are you ready?

Shawn Bolz says: "Here is a tool to take you into an empowered prayer journey. Read it and inherit the prayer life you have been praying for!"


Steve Shultz

"I highly respect and revere James Goll and his ministry. He is truly a “gift” to the Body of Christ. When James writes or speaks, I listen, as I know the revelation he receives is straight from the Throne of God. In this latest interview and product package from Elijah Streams, you’re going to learn how the suddenlies of God appear, the power of His word that is active in your life and how to pray Powerful Prophetic Prayers from the Heart of God! Get ready to immerse yourself in the prophetic with a deep understanding from God’s friend, James Goll."
—Steve Shultz, Founder, Elijah List Ministries

Bill Johnson

Nothing stretches the imagination more than the fact that God gives Himself to us as an inheritance. As Believers, we have access to the heart of God, and as intercessors, we have the power to release His heart onto the earth. In Praying with God's Heart, James Goll explores how to partner with the Lord in bringing heaven to earth. Raise your level of expectation. God is looking for those who will stand in the gap, repair the walls and partner with Him to make history."
—Bill Johnson, Bethel Church, Redding, California

Patricia King

Dr. James Goll is one of the most seasoned teachers, mentors and instructors on the subject of prayer and intercession today. Praying with God's Heart will motivate you to draw close to the heart of God and partner with Him for Kingdom advancement. This book will empower and motivate you to pray effectively from a place of intimacy with God."
—Dr. Patricia King, Founder, Patricia King Ministries


Part 1: The Heart of Intercession

  1. The Life of Intercession: Invitation to Enter In
  2. Prayer Passion: Where Compassion and Passion Unite
  3. Travail: The Prayer That Brings Birth
  4. Praying Down Supernatural Encounters

Part 2: A Heart for the Prophetic

  1. God's Heart: A Prophetic Generation
  2. God's Revelatory Ways
  3. Divine Insight: Praying in the Spirit
  4. Israel: God's Prophetic Calendar

Part 3: A Heart for Prophetic Intercession

  1. The Power of Prophetic Intercession
  2. Proclamation: Decreeing a Thing
  3. Wisdom for Intercessors
  4. A Heart for His Presence

About the Author

James Goll

Dr. James W. Goll is the President of God Encounters Ministries and has founded numerous ministries including Prayer Storm and Women on the Frontlines. With great joy James has shared Jesus in more than 50 nations, teaching and imparting the power of intercession, prophetic ministry, and life in the Spirit. James is the prolific author of numerous books and has also produced multiple study guides and hundreds of audio and video messages. James has four adult children and multiple grandchildren.