OFFER 1036 - Two Sons and a Father: Your Father, Your Inheritance & 4-Pack CD Set: The Keys to Your Inheritance -- by Dale Mast

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This package includes: Dale Mast’s book: Two Sons and a Father: Your Father, Your Inheritance and a 4-CD set—which will help you discover the richness of your relationship as a Son of God.

As a son (or daughter), you have rights in Heaven, and all of creation is groaning for the children of God to be revealed—which includes YOU!

You’ll discover how to:

  • Pray with confidence and expect God to do the miraculous—through YOU!
  • Experience Jesus’s promise of: “On Earth as it is in Heaven.”

Do you wonder why problems always seem to follow you?

You’ll also learn how to:

  • Free yourself of the forces trying to hold you back! 
  • Reverse any negative faith and understand that God raises up those who are NOT perfect!

God has this message for you: “If you could see yourself differently, I could get a lot more done with and through you.”

If you want to find out what is already yours as a son of God, and fully utilize your keys to the Kingdom, you can open the door right now by ordering Dale Mast’s kingly offer called: “Do These Things and Watch God Show You the Keys to Your Inheritance.”


Steve Shultz

"Dale and LuAnne Mast are dear friends and carry the heart of God, especially concerning prophecy. They are extremely humble yet profoundly accurate in their prophetic words they give out to the masses! You will be highly trained up and equipped in the prophetic, while receiving insightful keys to reach the greatness God placed inside of you as you walk in your identity."
—Steve Shultz, Founder, Elijah List Ministries


  1. Privileged Sons
  • Adam—A Son
  • Your Inheritance
  • Inheritance Restrictions
  1. Fatherless Parties
  • Parables in Context
  • Scriptures of the Three Parables
  • Two Attitudes
  1. Rejoice With Me
  • Inheritance Laws
  • Asking—The Privilege of Sons
  • Relationship—The Key to Your Request
  1. Carnal Promises
  • The Importance of Inheritance
  • Connecting to Our Father
  • A Warning against Worldliness
  1. His Hallowed Name—Our Father
  • Leaving Home
  • Famine Season
  • Joining
  1. The Mirror
  • Coming to Ourselves
  • Separated Living
  • Returning to Our Father
  1. No Longer Worthy
  • The Best Robe
  • The Celebration
  • The Angry Refusal
  1. Always With Me
  • A New Creation—A "Son" of Father God
  • Quiet Talk
  • All I Have Is Yours

About the Authors

Dale & LuAnne Mast

Dale and LuAnne Mast serve as Senior Pastors to Destiny Christian Church in Dover, Delaware as well as traveling nationally and internationally. Dale is also known for his teachings and accurate prophetic words to individuals, churches and nations. LuAnne overcame abuse and personal loss through divorce with supernatural faith. She operates in a breaker anointing, discerning of spirits, words of knowledge, healing and deliverance. Dale and LuAnne are ordained by Dr. Bill Hamon of Christian International and serve him on the Board of Governors, as well as working with other networks.