OFFER 1031 - The Divinity Code to Understanding Your Dreams and Visions & God’s Prophetic Symbolism in Everyday Life -- by Adam Thompson

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Do you often have dreams and wonder “What do they mean?”

Wonder no more!

Get ready to understand and interpret your OWN dreams! The Divinity Code to Understanding Your Dreams and Visions is the most extensive Christian Dream dictionary on the market and contains:

  • An important dictionary of names and place.
  • 101 interpreted dreams providing credible evidence.
  • And 3,000, biblical-based metaphors to help you interpret your dreams!

Stop wondering what your dreams and visions mean—and start living their meanings!

Then get ready for more as you Decode the Prophetic Language of God!

In their follow-up book, God’s Prophetic Symbolism in Everyday Life Adam Thompson and Adrian Beale offer revelatory insights about the prophetic language that God speaks — through everyday signs, symbols and pictures!

You’ll learn how to:

  • Tune-in your prophetic senses to hear the ever-speaking voice of the Holy Spirit.
  • Discern the supernatural meaning of “unusual coincidences”
  • And Operate in the prophetic and seer anointings.

If you want to explore the mysteries of the Kingdom in your dreams AND open your eyes and ears to the prophetic language of the Holy Spirit, then you’re ready to receive this 2-book set offer we’ve put together just for you!


Steve Shultz

"Adam Thompson often sees signs and wonders while ministering, as he operates in the word of knowledge gift, seeing miraculous healings happen all the time! Adam is also the co-author of the best-selling book, “The Divinity Code to Understanding Your Dreams and Visions” and specializes in helping people understand and interpret their own dreams. I encourage you to watch Adam Thompson’s interview, which is full of amazing healing testimonies and get this 2-book set offer we've put together just for you, our Elijah Streams viewer. Get ready to increase in healings and dream interpretation in your own life!"
—Steve Shultz, Founder, Elijah List Ministries


Book 1: The Divinity Code

Part I: Discovering Dreams and Visions

  1. Dreams: A Controversial Subject
  2. Why Dreams Are so Important?
  3. The Purpose of Dreams and Visions
  4. Are All Dreams from God? (Pt. I)
  5. Are All Dreams from God? (Pt. II)
  6. Visions
  7. Counterfeit Interpretations by the Occult
  8. Beyond Dreams and Visions
  9. The Language of Dreams: The Principles of Interpretation

Part II: Dream Dictionaries

  • 101 Sample Dream and Vision Interpretations
  • The Metaphor Dictionary
  • The Name and Place Dictionary
  • Appendix A: The Parallel of Joseph and Jesus
  • Appendix B: Getting Right With God
  • Subject Index
  • Sample Dream and Vision Index

Book 2: God's Prophetic Symbolism In Everyday Life

Part I: Discovering Dreams and Visions

  1. The Voice of the Spirit
  2. Natural Signs with Prophetic Meanings
  3. The Spiritual Overlay of Creation
  4. Songs, Names, and Numbers
  5. The Need for Intimacy
  6. Making Application of Spiritual Insight
  7. Working Together with Angels
  8. How Do You Interpret Supernatural Phenomena?

Part II: Resources for Interpreting Visions and Revelatory Experiences

  • The Metaphor Dictionary
  • The Name and Place Dictionary

Appendix: Getting Right with God

About the Author

Adam Thompson

Adam F. Thompson has a remarkable grace to interpret dreams, move in the Word of knowledge and demonstrate the prophetic. Supernatural signs and manifestations regularly accompany his ministry as he desires to see Jesus "magnified" through the moving of the Holy Spirit. He also has spent the last fifteen years doing mission work throughout Pakistan, India, Africa, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia and the Philippines in crusades, feeding programs and conferences. Adam is the author of the "The Supernatural Man" and co-author of the best-selling book "The Divinity Code: To Understanding Your Dreams and Visions" and operates itinerantly through his ministry Voice of Fire.