OFFER 1028 - The Cry of the Harvest & A Vision of the Harvest -- by Chad Taylor

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With over 25 years of being a prophetic voice and evangelist to the nations, Chad Taylor knows a thing or two about the great harvest at hand!

In this prolific offer, you’ll receive 2 of Chad Taylor’s exciting books: The Cry of the Harvest and his brand-new, hot-off-the-press, sequel called: A Vision of the Harvest!

In this exclusive offer we’ve put together just for you, our Elijah Streams viewer, you’ll gain deep understanding in your own harvest field including:

  • The efforts You can make NOW as billions of souls come into the Kingdom.
  • The obstacles the Church faces today, and how the mission field can be within reach for you!

Chad also pours out from his heart:

  • A hunger and passion for world-shaking revival and where it stems from.
  • And How you can be stirred in your own ravenous appetite—for the greatest harvest the world has ever seen!

As Jesus told His disciples: “I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest” – there MUST BE a generation that leaps into the harvest fields of the world!

Will YOU answer this call?

If you want to be ignited and carry a deep cry and vision to “take your role” as a laborer in the harvest at hand, you’ll want to get this 2-book set offer from Chad Taylor.


Steve Shultz

"Chad Taylor is truly a risk-taker in every way. I have known him for years and he’s given me very accurate and prophetic words for my own life and for the Elijah List. What I love about Chad is that he’s not afraid to go into the highways and byways and reach the lost at ALL costs. If you want to burn for the harvest, then I encourage you to grab ahold of these products by Chad that go along with his very intriguing episode on Elijah Streams!"
—Steve Shultz, Founder, Elijah List Ministries


Book 1: The Cry of the Harvest

  1. This Great Harvest
  2. Do the Work of an Evangelist
  3. The Modern-Day Missionary
  4. The Baptism of Jesus
  5. The Prayer of Necessity, Not Convenience
  6. Immersion of Evangelism
  7. The Joy of Harvest
  8. Does the Church Really Want Revival?
  9. The Face of Revival
  10. Revival Praying
  11. What Is My Reward Then?
  12. The Gospel of Gain Has No Contentment
  13. The Curse of Canaan
  14. Open Heaven and Extreme Harvest
  15. Winning the World One City at at Time
  16. Taking the City: The Gideon Upgrade
  17. Operation Harvest: God's Special Forces
  18. Reconnoiter: The Act of War
  19. Where Are the Evangelists?
  20. The Philip Factor
  21. Do You Have a Shadow?
  22. Your Pulpit Is the Garbage Cans; Your Parish, the Alleys
  23. Is Fear a Factory for You?
  24. The Coming Persecution
  25. The Women at the River of Consequence
  26. A Kairos Moment
  27. Revival, Small-Town America
  28. The Lord of The Harvest


Book 2: A Vision of the Harvest

  1.  Revival: God's Way
  2. Out of Eden: The Genesis Mandate
  3. The Zacchaeus Effect
  4. Enemies of the Cross
  5. A New Mandate for Missions: Edinburgh, Scotland
  6. I Never Knew You
  7. The Fulton Street Revival
  8. The Threshing Floor is Now Ready
  9. The Will of the Father Is
  10. The Witness of the Apostles
  11. The Anthem of Revival: Give us Souls!
  12. Won by One
  13. The Punk, the Prostitute, and the Prisoner: A Prophecy
  14. A Vision of the Harvest

About the Author

Chad Taylor

Chad Taylor has been called Prophet, Evangelist and a modern-day Revivalist. As a native of Washington State, he is known around the world for his two critically acclaimed books, Why Revival Still Tarries and The Cry of the Harvest. His third, “A Vision of the Harvest” is his newly released book. He travels full-time out of Southwest Georgia where he and his wife of 16 years and 4 beautiful children reside.