OFFER 1025 - Secrets of the Glory & 3-Pack CD Set: Secrets of the Glory! How to Access the Glory Realm of God! -- by David Herzog

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In this heavenly package, you’ll receive David Herzog’s book “Secrets of the Glory” with 3 powerful messages that’ll help you ACCESS the glory realm of God and move in POWER in YOUR LIFE!

If you’re “DESPERATE” and hungry for the glory, OR feel spiritually dry, you’ll want to get ahold of this power package!

With over 25 years of operating in the glory realm, David Herzog teaches you how to:

  • Access the glory daily and see it manifest tangibly in Your Life!
  • Accelerate and be taken to a whole new level of KINGDOM INFLUENCE.
  • See an increase in salvations, signs, wonders, miracles—AND favor in YOUR business and finances!

Do you know what “Creative Glory” is? You’re about to find out!

David says the Church isn’t seeing many “creative miracles” such as: rods turning to bones, missing legs growing out, and more!

Through this teaching David imparts:

  • Key revelation and instructions
  • And How YOU can access God’s creative power—and watch the seemingly impossible become possible!

Then—get ready for a PROPHETIC GLORY INVASION! You’ll discover:

  • Why prophetic words given “in the glory” are much more powerful and will manifest in an accelerated way.
  • How to act on what you hear, and in faith decree what God is showing you.

The results will astound you!


Steve Shultz

"David Herzog’s life and stories in the glory will astound you! David has seen people healed of life-threatening diseases and has even been transported supernaturally to pray for others. This is a “wow” offer you want to get ahold of as you’ll glean from over 25 years of David’s experience of walking in the glory realm of God. Order this power package from David Herzog and get ready to access the glory realm as never before!"
—Steve Shultz, Founder, Elijah List Ministries

Shipping Information

  1. Desperate For the Glory
  2. Creative Glory
  3. No Distance in the Glory
  4. Prophetic Glory
  5. Glory In Your Finances
  6. Impartation in the Glory

About the Author

David Herzog

Dr. David Herzog is the co-founder of David Herzog Ministries. His passion is to live in the glory realm, equip Believers to do the greater works and bring the Gospel. Dr. Herzog has authored 9 books, and has ministered in evangelistic campaigns, conferences, revivals and outreaches worldwide across every continent in over 50 nations. He has seen revivals breakout for weeks up to 6 months at a time. God uses him in evangelism and revival services often moving in healings, creative miracles and signs and wonders, along with a solid revelatory and teaching mantle to equip Believers how to live and operate in the supernatural and glory realm and reach the lost. Dr. Herzog has been in full-time ministry for over 26 years and also lived 12 years overseas ministering to the nations of the world. David along with his wife Stephanie and their children are based out of Scottsdale, AZ. He is also a graduate of Christ for the nations Institute in Dallas, TX.