OFFER 1022 - Hearing God: Growing in the Prophetic -- by Johnny & Elizabeth Enlow

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Do YOU want to Hear God’s voice and grow in YOUR prophetic gifts? Are you doubting that you REALLY hear Him? Well, doubt no more!

This package includes a 9-session DVD series along with a hands-on workbook by Elizabeth Enlow which takes you through a 9-week in-depth study of—how to recognize God’s voice in your life and use it to encourage others!

In this series:

  • Johnny Enlow lays a Biblical foundation on “Hearing God” and proves that God does indeed speak to you—today!
  • Johnny addresses the “uncertainties of the prophetic” while providing guidelines to help you accurately hear the voice of the Lord AND distinguish between God’s voice, your own, and Satanic counterfeits.

You’ll understand:

The “different ways” God speaks to you and how to position yourself to easily hear His voice—over yourself, your home, your city and nation!

  • Why love and power go hand-in-hand when you prophesy.
  • The Biblical ways God speaks to us in: Visitations, trances, dreams, visions and more!

This is no ordinary message where you walk away—unequipped!Oh no…Get ready for some exciting activation!

In the step-by-step workbook included, you’ll receive a weekly challenge, activation exercises, along with a 30-day challenge to help you continue the learning process of hearing God.


Steve Shultz

"I have gotten to know Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow and consider them friends. They truly love the Body of Christ and desire you to walk in the fullness of what God intended—in all the seven mountains of influence. If you want to discover your calling, go deeper and hear God in a fresh way…get this incredible product package from the Enlows. Believe me, you will find out very fast how God wants to speak to you and walk with you in ways you haven’t discovered yet! "
—Steve Shultz, Founder, Elijah List Ministries







Week 1: Does God Still Speak?

  • Has God Already Said Everything He Needs to Say?

Week 2: Who Can Speak for God?

  • Who Can Prophecy?

Week 3: Can These Bones Live?

  • How the Prophetic Works in the Real World

Week 4: The Practical Aspects of Listening to God

  • How Do You Hear God and How Does God Speak?

Week 5: The Practical Aspects of Listening to God

  • How Do You Hear God and How Does God Speak? (continued)

Week 6: Valuing God's Communication

  • The Power and Purpose of a Prophetic Word

Week 7: The Revelatory Gifts

  • Gifts that Require Hearing and Speaking

Week 8: Our Inheritance of Hearing from God

  • Additional Ways God Speaks

Week 9: The Relational Privilege of Hearing from God

  • It's Not a Science!

About the Authors

Johnny & Elizabeth Enlow

Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow are passionate about awakening, equipping, and mentoring social reformers to display God's love and solutions in every nation, in all areas of culture through Media, Arts and Entertainment, Government, Family, Religion, Economy, and Education. As international speakers and authors, Johnny and Elizabeth love the opportunity to work as a team, provoking hearts and minds to consider what God as love looks like coming through every person in their unique places of passion and influence.