OFFER 1013 - Take Your Place in the Kingdom & 3-Pack CD Set: Take Your Place in the Kingdom and Carry the Fire of God's Love -- by Jerame & Miranda Nelson

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These messages by Jerame and Miranda Nelson will help you to receive everything God has for YOU regarding the supernatural and His power!

Miranda Nelson explains WHY the fire of God hasn’t touched many Believers’ lives and what You can do to set your life on fire—for Him and His purposes!

You’ll discover:

  • What happens when You live inside of God’s fire and glory and what makes you untouchable to the enemy!
  • And how sickness, poverty and darkness must flee! You’ll also: • Find out what happened when the angel of the Lord handed Jerame Nelson a “large torch”.
  • And understand how YOU can be a part of a company of burning ones—who powerfully carry the torch of His love to a lost and dying world wherever You go.

Included in this fiery package:

  • Jerame Nelson teaches about the fire of God’s wisdom and revelation and the impact this will make upon Your life.
  • And WHY the Church is going to receive a powerful, fresh anointing of wisdom and revelation along with essential keys to burn brightly.

Will you allow God’s fire to touch you and change your life?


Steve Shultz

"Jerame and Miranda Nelson are the real deal…and are extremely gifted in moving in prophetic ministry with miracles, signs and wonders following. You’ll be in awe at the miraculous stories they share and how you too can move in the same miracle-working power. I encourage you to watch their show and get their products… you’ll be activated to move in much higher ways!"
—Steve Shultz, Founder, Elijah List Ministries

Bobby Conner

"I encourage you to read Miranda Nelson's book. It will greatly enrich your spiritual journey! I've known Miranda and her husband, Jerame, for years. We have traveled across the nations together in ministry, and I'm so thrilled to see how God has anointed them. Miranda has my full and complete endorsement. In this book you will discover wonderful keys which will quip you to draw nearer to God and to walk in your God-given authority."
—Bobby Conner, Founder Eagles View Ministries

Stacey Campbell

"This book is filled with faith, hope, and lovethings that remain (1Cor. 13:13). Either it will be the dynamic faith that Miranda exhibits, the hope that flows from the powerful testimonies, or the comprehensive love evidenced in the healing miracles that move you, but you will be transformed by the pages of this book. Miranda Nelson shows you hot to lead a kingdom life, full of the power of God. I highly recommend it!"
—Stacey Campbell, Founder, Be a Hero and RevivalNOW!


  1. It's an Adventure
  2. Forever Changed
  3. Born for a Purpose
  4. Words with Weight
  5. Power vs. Authority
  6. Every Need Met
  7. Just Be You!
  8. Overcoming Fear
  9. God of the Impossible
  10. Power of the Spirit
  11. Power of Compassion
  12. Rise Up
  13. His Roar

About the Author

Jerame & Miranda Nelson

Jerame and Miranda Nelson are prophetic revivalists and the founders of Elisha Revolution. They are authors, international conference speakers and crusade revivalist to the nations. Jerame has a powerful word of knowledge and healing gifting, and a strong anointing for miracles and the supernatural. Miranda is a prophetic voice to this generation who preaches the Word of God with faith and power and demonstrates the Kingdom of God through miracles, signs and wonders. The Nelsons live in San Diego, California where they co-host the Fire and Glory Outpouring, an extended move of God, and they work together in the ministry to change the lives of thousands through the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.