OFFER 1012 - Activating Your Dream Language & 3-Pack CD Set: How to Activate Your Dream Language and Seer Anointing -- by Jerame Nelson

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Jerame Nelson’s book: Activating Your Dream Language and this 3-CD teaching set — that will help you to — Activate Your Spiritual Senses AND Develop your Dreams, Visions, and Revelatory Gifts.

Did you know that just as there are 5 senses in the natural realm, there are also 5 supernatural senses in the spiritual realm?

In this sensational package, Jeremy teaches YOU how to “demystify” the fears many people have regarding the reality of the supernatural.

Jeremy explains:

  • Why you should value and hunger for spiritual gifts.
  • The 3 sets of gifts God has given to you.
  • And when and how to use them, and why it’s important to listen to His voice.

As your gifts are activated:

  • You’ll be able to operate in visible signs, wonders and miracles.
  • And learn how the gift of prophecy will follow YOU wherever you go!

You’ll also gain understanding in:

  • What “metaphorical language” means and why God speaks to us many times in this way.
  • The many different types of dreams and visions you can have.
  • Learn the many important keys that reveal what God wants to do in your life, in your city and in your nation!
  • You’ll experience more dreams that will lead you from dreams to visions to supernatural encounters – all of an intimate kind.

Jerame says: “The true prophetic is—eyes that see, ears that hear and a heart that is sensitive to God’s heart and His presence.”


Steve Shultz

"Jerame and Miranda Nelson are the real deal…and are extremely gifted in moving in prophetic ministry with miracles signs and wonders following. You’ll be in awe at the miraculous stories they share and how you too can move in the same miracle-working power. I encourage you to watch their show and get their products… you’ll be activated to move in much higher ways!"
—Steve Shultz, Founder, Elijah List Ministries

Bob Jones

"Jerame is a new breed prophetic voice that God is raising up in this generation. Jerame has a calling to raise up the seers and carries a strong prophetic anointing as well as an awesome ability to teach and activate people in the realm of understanding dreams and visions.

You will be greatly blessed as you learn from what God has taught Jerame in both his relationship with God and his Ministry! This book will activate you into a place of hearing from God in a clearer way when it comes to dreams and visions."
—Bob Jones, Bob Jones Ministries


  1. Turning in to the Ways God Speaks
  2. Interpreting your Personal Dream Language
  3. Operating the Realms of Greater Dreams and Visions
  4. Types of Dreams
  5. From Dreaming to Miracles

About the Author

Jerame & Miranda Nelson

Jerame and Miranda Nelson are prophetic revivalist and the founders of Elisha Revolution. They are authors, international conference speakers and crusade revivalist to the nations. Jerame has a powerful word of knowledge and healing gifting, and a strong anointing for miracles and the supernatural. Miranda is a prophetic voice to this generation who preaches the Word of God with faith and power and demonstrates the Kingdom of God through miracles, signs and wonders. The Nelsons live in San Diego, California where they co-host the Fire and Glory Outpouring, an extended move of God, and they work together in the ministry to change the lives of thousands through the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.