OFFER 1008 - And David Perceived He Was King & 3-Pack CD Set: Prophecy With Authority: To Break the Plans of the Enemy Over Your Life! -- by Dale & LuAnne Mast

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PROPHESY WITH AUTHORITY – to Break the Plans of the Enemy Over Your Life!

This package includes:

Dale Mast’s NEWEST book: “And David Perceived He Was King” and an empowering 3-CD set from Dale and LuAnne Mast—which will help you break off PERSONAL strongholds IN YOUR LIFE, become activated in a new SUPERNATURAL anointing, and learn to prophesy in powerful ways!

In Dale and LuAnne’s enlightening message, YOU’LL DISCOVER – IF CHRISTIANS NEED DELIVERANCE.

You will receive key insights and secrets to:

  • Break OFF ANY demonic authority over your life. 
  • Discover roadblocks that prevent your healing.
  • Learn the HUGE benefits of experiencing deliverance.

In Dale Mast’s new book, you’ll receive priceless revelation from the life of KING David and how trauma took him to the place of being King!


Discover what the key ingredients are to defeat any “Goliath” in your life!

Learn how David’s journey APPLIES SPECIFICALLY TO YOU. 

Learn how to apply powerful NEW steps to rule and reign as King David did!

Dale shares WHY, “It takes a Goliath to reveal the David, the King—inside of you!”

You will also find out “why” it’s pivotal that you "covet to prophesy!”

Find Out Why:

  • Prophecy is one of the MOST IMPORTANT spiritual gifts for YOU to operate in.
  • Prophesying interrupts the enemy’s plan.

You will also DISCOVER how to reach into the Father’s greatness that is available to you, PERSONALLY!

You’ll learn to:

Move with the Father to accomplish great things!

Walk in your God-given identity and find out how to avoid it being stolen from you!


Steve Shultz

"Dale and LuAnne Mast are dear friends and carry the heart of God, especially concerning prophecy. They are extremely humble yet profoundly accurate in their prophetic words they give out to the masses! You will be highly trained up and equipped in the prophetic, while receiving insightful keys to reach the greatness God placed inside of you as you walk in your identity."
—Steve Shultz, Founder, Elijah List Ministries

Bill Hamon

"Dale hase done a masterful job presenting life-transforming truths. His Revelation concerning identity as the key to progressively advancing is enlightening and enabling. And David Perceived He Was King added new insights and encouragement to my life."
—Dr. Bill Hamon


Dutch Sheets

"This book is a treasure. It is a deeper study of David's life. The insights the Holy Spirit has shared with us through Dale are extraordinary. The truth it contains will change youguaranteed!"
—Dutch Sheets


  1. A Life Shift Requires an Identity Shift
  • The Quest for Significance
  • David, the Forgotten Son
  • In the Shadow of Eliab
  1. Anointed by Greatness
  • New Honor, New Season
  • The Power of Celebration
  • Favor or Favoritism
  1. He Restores My Soul
  • Processing Anger
  • The Effects of Trauma
  • Insecurity, the Enemy of Destiny
  1. Trained and Mentored
  • Shifts
  • The Expectation of Reward
  • The Purpose of Fame
  1. The Garden of Identity
  • Clarifying Your Gift
  • Overcoming Opinions and Emotions
  • The Value of a Son
  • Confidence n the Window of Opportunity
  1. The Battle of Words
  • Promotion Brings Conflict
  • Worthy to Receive
  • Tested by Fire
  1. Influence, the Strategy of Heaven and Hell
  • Fading Hope, Increased Frustration
  • Living with the Enemy
  • Devastation before Destination
  1. A New Place to Dwell
  • Partial Fulfillment
  • David's White House
  • Always with You
  • David's Song

About the Authors

Dale & LuAnne Mast

Dale and LuAnne Mast serve as Senior Pastors to Destiny Christian Church in Dover, Delaware as well as traveling nationally and internationally. Dale is also known for his teachings and accurate prophetic words to individuals, churches and nations. LuAnne overcame abuse and personal loss through divorce with supernatural faith. She operates in a breaker anointing, discerning of spirits, words of knowledge, healing and deliverance. Dale and LuAnne are ordained by Dr. Bill Hamon of Christian International and serve him on the Board of Governors, as well as working with other networks.