OFFER 1007 - The Heart of the Prophetic & 3-Pack CD Set: How to Unlock Your Spiritual Gifts to Hear, Prophesy and Discern What God is Doing! -- by Ivan Roman

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Do you want to increase your GIFTING in hearing the voice of God, LEARN TO prophesy to others, and also to discern in the spiritual realm?

Then YOU’LL want to get ahold of Ivan’s new teaching package that will help you to:

  • Recognize God’s voice in a multitude of ways while experiencing deeper communion with Him.
  • Find out what blocks and disconnects you from hearing God’s voice.
  • And learn to obey God, even when HIS VOICE SEEMS FAINT to you!

In Ivan’s powerful messages, he provides key insights to increase the prophetic gift and the prophetic flow FROM GOD in Your life.

You will learn:

  • How the gift of prophecy and the “office” of a prophet are two different entities and how you could have one or both of these.
  • Fun and useful keys to grow daily in your prophetic gifting and revelation.

Ivan says, “The gift of discerning of spirits is one of the most needed and misunderstood gifts in the Body of Christ.

In Ivan’s anointed messages you will also:

  • Receive insight to rightly discern between good and evil and test the spirits while developing your five senses.
  • Discover how to walk out discernment FROM the heart of God when ministering to others.

Ivan says: “Discerning of spirits is YOUR partnership with the Holy Spirit to release what Heaven is wanting to do on earth—often with your help.”


Steve Shultz

"Ivan Roman is rock solid and a mature pastor. He understands well both the Word and the heart of God. His teachings are both extremely anointed and foundational for those who want to grow in their spiritual gifts and receive an increase in them. I encourage you to grab ahold of any of Ivan’s products because he is a trusted friend of God and shows others how to also grow closer in deep communion with Him as a friend."
—Steve Shultz, Founder, Elijah List Ministries

Shawn Bolz

"Ivan Roman is a prophetic teacher, a good prophetic teacher, and his book The Heart of the Prophetic captures this. There is a new generation of leaders talking about walking out the prophetic ministry and lifestyle journey, and Ivan is a voice you need to listen to. Ivan combines excellent theological perspectives with gripping stories, and you will grow as you take part of this great resource."
—Shawn Bolz, Author of Translating God, Keys to Heaven's Economy, Growing Up With God

Paul Manwaring

"Ivan is a pursuer of God and the things of God. Since I first met him at BSSM, I have been impressed with this characteristic. This book is an expression of that and it invites the reader into that journey for themselves. The Heart of the Prophetic is a great teaching on the prophetic, but it is more than that, as it is really equipping the Believer with a life to hear God, and I commend this man to you, I invite you to hear God more as a result of this helpful, practical and inspiring book."
—Paul Manwaring, Bethel Church, Redding CA


Section 1: The Nature of God

  1. The New Covenant
  2. The Love and Forgiveness of God
  3. Testimonies of God's Love

Section 2: Heart of a Prophet

  1. Friendship with God
  2. Character, Credibility, and Favor
  3. Hooks and Mixture

Section 3: Spirit Talk - The Language of the Holy Spirit

  1. Filter of Cessationism
  2. Manifestation of the Gifts of the Spirit
  3. Hearing the Voice of God
  4. The Ways God Speaks

Section 4: Flowing in the Prophetic

  1. Prophetic Types
  2. Keys to Flowing in Prophetic Revelation

Section 5: Supernatural Realm

  1. Open Heavens
  2. Encountering God
  3. Walking in the Spirit

About the Author

Ivan Roman

Ivan Roman is a revivalist, prophetic teacher and senior leader at Empowered Life Church in Medford, Oregon. He loves the supernatural, encountering God, calls himself “a friend” of God, and wants to teach others to see, experience the supernatural and be intimate with God. Ivan and his wife Erica have a heart to see God's Kingdom demonstrated in everyday living. They currently reside in Medford, Oregon with their three boys. Ivan travels both locally and internationally, ministering in Bible schools, conferences and churches.