OFFER 1004 - The Tree of Life & 3-Pack CD Set: God Wants to Show You His Unconditional Love! -- by Abi & Justin Stumvoll

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God Wants to Show You His Unconditional Love!

This Package includes:

Justin Stumvoll's book: "The Tree of Life" and Abi Stumvoll's 3-CD set—which will help you discover through all the trials and trauma—just how God will lead you to His unconditional love for yourself and for others!

On these amazing CD's—Abi Stumvoll is extremely transparent in her ministry message and brings humor to real life issues! She is not afraid to share her vulnerabilities, her wounded past. and how far God has brought her—to a place of receiving His unconditional love and joy!

Through a traumatic childhood and years lost, Abi shares from her own life story and offers powerful prayers and decrees for those of you who've felt abandoned and unprotected...even from your younger years.

In Abi's messages:

  • You'll discover a vital Kingdom attribute God showed her.
  • And receive an understanding of what she says leads to "the miraculous" moving in your midst and also what blocks it!
  • plus, you'll find out how God taught Abi to totally love herself...flaws and all!

Also included in this heartfelt package—is an exciting and adventurous book by Abi's husband Justin Stumvoll, called the "Tree of Life".

  • You'll be taken on a fun-filled story that chronicles the path to find healing from the bumps and bruises incurred through life.
  • The Tree of Life is for adults to return to the joys of imaginative innocence AND it's a promise to children that everything they need to fulfill their dreams is within them.
  • You will learn to come alive wherever you are planted!

Through this charismatic offer from the Stumvoll's, God's nature will be revealed in ways you've never thought of, and you'll laugh and be moved through real-life challenges on Your journey.


Steve Shultz

"Abi and Justin Stumvoll are my friends and every time I listen to them, I learn a great deal from this Millennial couple! I’ve learned more about love and loving others from Justin and Abi than in anyone twice their age! What they preach, they live in their everyday lives and aren’t afraid to be vulnerable about their struggles in life. In fact, they enjoy sharing their own real and raw testimony, because they get to share how Jesus has shined through it all! You will laugh and cry in some of their messages…no joke! They are a gifted and anointed couple with no agenda but to love big."
—Steve Shultz, Founder, Elijah List Ministries


  1. Serendipity
  2. The Grass Isn't Always Greener
  3. Hope for Tomorrow
  4. A Settled Soul
  5. Unexpected Expectations
  6. Invaders From Beyond
  7. Out of the Mouth of Babes
  8. Viva la Revolution
  9. Proper Introductions
  10. An Unexpected Journey
  11. A Bumpy Ride
  12. Dreams Fulfilled
  13. There's More to Life
  14. One of the Family
  15. Growing Pains
  16. Unbridled Imagination
  17. Misguided Judgment
  18. Relentless Fortitude
  19. The Ascension
  20. Dreams of Grandeur
  21. Inspired Acceptance
  22. An Unlikely Bond
  23. Self-Defense
  24. A Daunting Reality
  25. This Means War
  26. The Great Tribulation
  27. The Valley of Death
  28. Fools' Paradise
  29. Unwelcomed Guests
  30. The Return of an Unlikely Hero
  31. The Power of Amore
  32. Greater Love Has No One Than This
  33. Beauty From Ashes
  34. In Time All Things Will Be Made Right
  35. A Father of Many

About the Author

Abi & Justin Stumvoll

Abi & Justin Stumvoll are a power couple that run a consulting firm together. They are both dreamers, lovers of people and are passionate to see everyone living their best life. Abi prayed when she was just 12, "[God], if you can show me how to love myself, I will change the world." Jason's highest dream is to redefine love in practical and empowering ways. Now they travel and teach others how to encounter unconditional love, become wildly free, and experience abundant life. Their hope is that this love would restore and redeem marriages, families, and all the brokenhearted.