OFFER 1002 - The Sound of Reformation & 3-Pack CD Set: The Greatest Move of God - Ever! -- by Garris Elkins

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The Greatest Move of God Ever! Learn to Father and Prepare for Reformation!

This Life Transforming package includes:

Garris Elkins best-selling book: "The Sound of Reformation" and an exciting 3-CD Setwhich will help you discover the "unique sound" resonating inside of you, waiting to be released, and how you can help "Father" (or mother) the next generation.

In Elijah Streams exciting new offer, you will not only receive valuable details in the coming Reformation, but you'll find out that it has a unique soundand YOU are a part of it!

Garris shares how his life calling is now "Fathering a generation" and offers us SPECIFIC wisdom keys to step into this role. Many are called to Father, Parent, or Mentor this next generationincluding you!

You will also:

  • Discover the God-given tools to be victorious and set free in every challenge you face!
  • Learn to pray with great confidence AND BOLDLY proclaim Heaven's answers into the earthly realm!

Garris says, "You'll make the sound of reformation, because you've been set free. Not theologically free, but experientially free!"


Steve Shultz

"I have sure enjoyed the fatherly wisdom that comes from Garris Elkins. He and his wife Jan are true treasures to the Body of Christ, as they both carry wisdom straight from the Father for the Body of Christ and for the young generation the Lord wants to raise up. Not only does Garris share awesome prophetic nuggets for our everyday lives, he delivers these powerful truths with the heart and love of the Father. I hope you are blessed by all the revelation Garris carries as a spiritual father, as his messages will also guide you closer to our heavenly Father!"
—Steve Shultz, Founder, Elijah List Ministries


Part I:

  • The Flight of Faith
  • Repositioned for Joy
  • Creating Order with Sound
  • The Sound of Reformation
  • The Message of Reformation
  • A New Vocabulary for a New Season
  • Bunkers of Fear or Bridges of Hope
  • Dead Ends
  • Revealing the Unknown God
  • Last Eight Words

Part II:

  • Experts of History
  • Religious Koi Ponds
  • The Seven Mountains
  • The Five-Fold Gifts
  • The One-Size-Fits-All Glove of Ministry
  • The Five-Fold Blueprint
  • The Five Equipping Gifts Produce Maturity
  • Going Round the Mountain
  • The Result of a Five-Fold Ministry
  • Oneness
  • The Purpose of Love
  • Force or Field
  • A Kingdom Mindset
  • Shouting at People
  • The Four Questions
  • Eating the Grapes of God’s Goodness

Part III:

  • Theological Bounce Houses
  • Confess, Repent, Move
  • Shift, Alignment, & the Suddenly of God
  • Flying into New Opportunities
  • Fear and Fearful People
  • Dropping the Box
  • Chaos Theory

Part IV:

  • Kingdom Cartographers
  • Creating Apostolic Communities
  • Cutting Away the Fat
  • Planned Communities
  • Paving a New Roadway
  • The Spark of Reformation
  • Recovering Lost Treasure
  • Making the Exchange

Part V:

  • Looking for Gold
  • Binocular Vision
  • Jesus: The New Wineskin
  • Watching the Hand of God
  • Go Back and Do What’s in the Book
  • Pliable Thinking

Part VI:

  • Apostolic Motherhood
  • Prophetic Artists
  • Evangelic Dentistry
  • Pastoring Corporations
  • Marketplace Teachers

Part VII:

  • Keep Flying in Faith
  • Finding Safe Passage
  • Spiritual Transformers
  • The Two Doorways
  • Getting Reinvented
  • The Best of Times & the Worst of Times
  • Establishing a Connection
  • Your Place of Promise

About the Author

Garris Elkins

Garris Elkins has been called by God to raise up a prophetic generation who will speak to the cultures of our world with the empowered voice of Heaven. Garris’ ministry seeks to align people with their God-defined destiny through teaching, writing and prophetic ministry.

Garris and his wife, Jan, live in beautiful Southern Oregon. They enjoy walking in the hills that surround their home and lingering over a cup of good espresso.